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VBA is a great GBA emulator for all types of game boy games such as game boy colour and Gameboy Advance. GBA emulators can be a great tool for all the Nintendo game boy lovers.

Thus , these are the Best Game Boy Advance or GBA emulators for PC / Computer with Gamepad or Joystick support. To Play Game Boy Advance games, you will need Game ROMs which you can download from sites like as these do not come with any game packaged. Incase if you face any problems feel free to comment.

Higan Gba Emulator For Pc:

  • This emulator actually has support for the original Game Boy as well, so you can download ROMs for that, too.
  • One of the highlights of this one is that it actually has controller support.
  • GBA.emu has a ton of support for ROMs as well, so you can play most Game Boy Advanced games on this ROM.

There are still lots of people who love all those old games on Their portable Nintendo game boy. VBA-M is not only one of the GBA emulators for PC, instead, it can also emulate Game Boy and Game Boy Color roms. Few of the features include the ability to save, speed up gameplay and joystick support. When we say the best GBA emulators for PC, we mean Higan (don’t let the name scare you away). Higan not only plays GBA games but has support for other Nintendo systems as well.

It means that you can play with other players over internet and local network. The emulator mimics the GBA link connectivity, for the multiplayer to work. As a result you can for Pokemon fans, fight other trainers in real-time and the best part of these Pokemon games, able to trade Pokemons. While GBA4iOS isn’t new, the latest update to version 2.0 has some major enhancements, including Game Boy Color support, iPad optimization and file syncing with Dropbox. Best of all, it works with official iOS controllers, so you can play with a real D-pad and buttons.

Choosing Your Game Boy Advance Emulator

We mean you can play games from GBA, NES, SNES and GBC, isn’t that great. Therefore, it makes one of the most awesome emulators that you get to play all these games in one emulator. As the name states, No$GBA is known as No Cash GBA. So what is different about this emulator among all the other GBA emulators for PC? Well, it supports inter-connectivity between No$GBA emulators.

They will make your pc just like Game Boy Advance to experience the GBA games in depth. Smartphones and Computers are now the most used platforms for gaming. And I was thinking that can I play the best GBA games on my Android and Windows platform. The answer I got is Yes, which is possible through GBA emulators. So I will share which are my best GBA Emulator that I use to play Game Boy Advance games.

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