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a gba game takes about 8MB-16MB when compressed into a ZIP archive. A few can be a bit difficult to open, but they serve their purpose for protecting Gameboy Color cartridges from dust and debris. Eh, I don’t know if that’s quite what I was looking for. I was thinking of something more along the lines of one of those plastic slotted carriers for CDs that come with a fabric cover and strap, but made for GB cartridges instead of CDs. For your GBA games you can just buy DS cases from Nintendo’s online store.

The shoebox-size box I’ve been keeping my Game Boy original and GBA carts and accesories in over the last few years has gotten a bit too small and untidy at this point. I counted up that I now own over 30 of the little cartridges, and I wanted to find a better way to store them, a way that won’t get them all scratched up, will keep them easily accesible, and not cost too much.

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X Cartridge Case Nintendo Gameboy Game Original Colour Card Storage Box Gb Gbc

Gameboy game cart cases make good protective hard cases for your Nintendo games if shipping. Perfect to replace lost, broken or damaged game cartridge cases.

This adds up to 84 carts per side at a total of 168 Gameboy carts! Unlike a paired ring binder that has page interference issues, EACH SET OF RINGS HAS THEIR OWN SEPARATE ZIPPER BINDER SECTION.

Dreamcast games are in CD cases, regulars CD towers work just fine. Right now I have my portable games arranged in little stacks and they look quite silly. Staples has a duel flapped binder that can hold more, each side can hold seven pages of game boy carts.

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The binder does take more room versus a pouch full of carts, but now the carts stay in place and are easy to find when alphabetized. I pull the games to play on the go and can easily return them to the appropriate pocket. Sixty games can fit in a standard three ring binder. Even though the carts stay in place, a zippered binder is more secure. Even odd sized GBA games such as Yoshi Topsy Turvey, Drill Dozer, Boktai Sun and Wireless Adaptor carts fit just fine.

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