The very first time, Williams additionally reveals an event he claims illustrates the rapper’s homophobia

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The very first time, Williams additionally reveals an event he claims illustrates the rapper’s homophobia

Now, the rapper frequently spews venom from the perky pop music diva during his shows – an additional target in the war in the globe. camdolls

Along with their intimate high jinks, Williams’ book additionally paints an unsettling portrait for the singer’s alleged substantial drug usage.

“His range of medication is ecstasy, in which he often takes their very first hit immediately after their cheese egg breakfast, ” Williams charges.

“He calls it ‘helicopters, ’ ‘taking off, ’ ‘X, ’ or their ‘little guys. ’ Slim takes six hits on a daily basis.

“He breaks it into half a winner at the same time but that’s nevertheless a lot that is whole of. Sometimes, he’ll chill for a couple of days but he constantly takes it to obtain up for programs or interviews. He additionally drinks lots of Bacardis and takes pills that are over-the-counter.

“I’m an ex-drug therapist and I also told him, ‘You’re gonna wake up dead someday. ’ “

, and then he claims Eminem’s hatred of gays isn’t any work. It simply happened at a concert in Pittsburgh whenever a male groupie wished to satisfy the sneering sexually singer.

“A bald guy into the audience has a tattoo of the mushroom along with their mind and then he had been going crazy. Following the show, we often would backstage let people, ” Williams recalls. “This man ended up being virtually crying to have straight back here. ”

The singer, road security and crew finally relented as well as the fan made their means backstage. Him to come over for a chat, Williams writes as he milled about the dressing room, Eminem asked.

“The man begins whispering in Slim’s ear and instantly, his Eminem’s facial expression completely changed, ” the bodyguard recalls. “The man desired to perform sex that is oral him. Slim just freaked. He had been going to beat the man down whenever we intervened. ”

WILLIAMS states Eminem along with his handlers don’t want to see their book to get. He claims he had been provided $25,000 not to ever compose the biography.

“That had been a slap into the face. That’s no money for me. They don’t wish this tale told, ” he claims.

Eminem’s supervisor Paul Rosenberg described the book as a “fable” with a “disgruntled worker. ”

“He Williams had way too much associated with good life and thought he had been eligible to a bit of it, ” Rosenberg claims. “He says we never paid him sufficient. Well, cash had been constantly problem with that man.

“This guide can be as sleazy as it gets. This person is just down to get Eminem. ”

The rapper’s supervisor states he understands absolutely nothing for the singer’s alleged mistresses it is quick to incorporate that “absolutely absolutely nothing” happened because of the girl that is swedish ended up being simply loitering.

He says the teen’s mom “let everybody else understand” she had been underage.

So far as abusing drugs and booze, Rosenberg claims the rapper is an admitted “recreational” user and therefore there will be absolutely no way he could tour for months and abuse six hits to his body of ecstasy daily.

He included that the episode with all the homosexual in Pittsburgh was more a joke than the usual “freakout. ”

“This man wanted $1 million never to put the book out, ” Rosenberg says. “We’re pretty sad in regards to the entire thing. He was previously a comrade we trusted and now he’s used our confidences against us.

“He’s never made additional money doing whatever else. We just want the man would move ahead and then leave us alone. ”

Despite Williams’ bitterness towards Eminem, he’s a grudging respect for him and it is fast to acknowledge there have been numerous happy times.

A good guy, ” Williams says“As a person, one-on-one, as Marshall Mathers, he’s a cool guy. “When he becomes Slim Shady, he’s an a- – – – – -.

“I wish he does not self-destruct, he’s got a child to increase and I also wish he gets things settled, ” he adds.

“We had a lot of great times, lots of laughs. ”

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